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About Grill Hut Peri Peri

Grilled Hut Peri Peri Restaurant was established after a need for a fine spot serving delicious Peri Peri was identified. Our chicken is cooked and served using different styles and recipes for the purpose of eliminating monotony. This creates an ambiance where different people can come and enjoy a meal together regardless of their preference. Besides this, we take pride in what we do and that is why we go to various lengths to see to it that the signature dishes at Grill Hut Peri Peri are exciting every single time.

On our team is a group of highly skilled chefs who have perfected the art of cooking perfect Peri Peri among other dishes on our menu. The perfection comes as a result of repeat opportunity presented to us each day. Our dishes are undoubtedly delicious and unmatched. However, the use of fresh ingredients for every meal is also a lead contributor to our stellar reputation and great meals. This way, you get to experience a burst of flavors and nutrients with every bite. This is what gives our Peri Peri an unmatched dash of perfection.

Too busy to turn on the stove? Worry not as we've got you covered. Order for your favorite meal and it shall be delivered to your destination of choice within the shortest time possible. It is as easy as downloading the app and clicking on the 'order' button. Once we receive your order, our top chef will start preparing the meal from scratch using fresh ingredients then send it your way.

Grill Hut Peri Peri Branches

Find Us in Luton and Stevenage Grill Hut Peri Peri Restaurant is located in Biscot road, Luton. The Hyde Stevenage, UK in particular. The homely ambiance will relax your mind and allow you to enjoy your Peri Peri and cold beverage in bliss. This restaurant is definitely home away from home. Take a break from your busy errands around town and pop in for some mouthwatering delicacies to boost your energy to keep you going for the rest of the day.

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